Ashley Chiu she/her DSP Data Access Staff Email Access

Hey all! I’m a rising senior from Seattle. I drink way too much matcha and am Evanbot’s #1 fan. Looking forward to meeting everyone! (p.s. don’t click on this)

Jordan Schwartz she/they DSP Data Access Staff Email Access

Security: Because those hackers aren’t just ‘phishing’ for compliments.

Peyrin Kao he/him DSP Data Access Staff Email Access


Angel Aldaco he/him Head TA

Hi y’all! I’m Angel, I’m a Computer Science and Political Science Major with a Minor in Journalism! This is my first time teaching 161 but it’s my 6th semester teaching at Cal (in the past I’ve taught 61ABC!). I’m super excited to show you security from the start this summer! In my free time I enjoy dancing, reading, listening to kdot and laufey, and watching a lot of movies! See you in section and stay (memory) safe!

Lawrence Shieh he/him Head TA

Hi! My name is Lawrence and I’m a rising senior from LA studying computer science and economics. Some hobbies I have include playing badminton, hiking, and playing guitar. I love getting boba and poke when I have the chance to do so. I look forward to meeting you all soon!

Henry Zeng he/him

Hi guys, I’m Henry! I’m a rising senior math/cs major and one of your TAs for this summer 🏝️ I like listening to new songs, sleeping, and watching anime😀. Looking forwards to a fun two months!

Jonny Pei he/him

Hi! I’m a rising senior studying EECS + Statistics from the Bay Area. Here are some of my interests: algorithms, NLP, random processes, astrophysics, anime, kdramas, league, water polo, weight lifting, bouldering, and food. I can’t wait to meet you this semester, and feel free to reach out whenever!

Owen Thompson they/them

Hi everyone, I’m a first-time TA (but past 161 staff) and certified 161 enjoyer. I love talking linguistics, compilers, and indie music–hope to see you in class!

EvanBot any/all

Likes pancakes. Dislikes C code.


Brandon Wong he/him

Hello! I’m Brandon, a rising junior in EECS. I’m from Irvine, and some things I enjoy are reading web serials, playing video games, and watching anime. This is my first semester as a tutor, and I’m happy to be here!

Jonah Bedouch he/him

Hi, I’m Jonah! I’m a rising junior, and it’s my first time tutoring for 161! In my free time, you’ll find me making a cup of coffee, blasting music, or hopping on a bus. I’m looking forward to a great summer!

Pradyun Kumar he/him Staff Email Access

Hey I’m Pradyun, a rising senior studying CS + Economics. This is my 4th time teaching 161, and super excited to be a part of staff again this semester. In my free time, I love to run and cook new recipes!

Raghav Punnam he/him

Hi! I’m Raghav, rising junior from Dallas, TX. I like playing basketball, working out, and do occasionally use “yall” when I talk. Please reach out if you have any questions or need advice. Looking forward to working with yall!

Ria Jain she/her

Hey! I’m Ria, and I’m a rising junior from the Bay studying EECS. In my free time, I enjoy dancing, board games, trying new coffee shops, and hanging out with friends. Looking forward to a great summer!

Vron Vance they/them DSP Data Access Staff Email Access