Project 1: Exploiting Memory Safety Vulnerabilities

In this project, you will be exploiting a series of vulnerable programs on a virtual machine. You may work in teams of 1 or 2 students.


This project has a story component, denoted in blue boxes. Reading it is not necessary for project completion.

The world dreams once again. The buildup of propulsion, material and computing technology reaches a critical point and rekindles the fervor of space exploration! The world looks up to the sky and dares to explore the unknown, extend our reaches and expand our understanding. You are part of the ambitious Jupiter exploration program at the Caltopia Space Agency. However, the project is plagued with problems before it even begins. The reckless orbital launches by various space programs over decades has filled lower earth orbit with space debris, preventing the massive Jupiter-bound ships from passing through. CSA must first pave the way to space by deorbiting old unused satellites. The CSA can easily deorbit their own old satellites, but the same cannot be said for satellites launched by the former Gobian Union. The CSA does not have the credentials to assume control, and the agency responsible for these satellites no longer exists. Luckily for you, these old satellites employ the old, insecure technology of a bygone era. Your job is to hack into the decommissioned satellites and remove them from orbit. The agency has faith that you can help forge a new path to Jupiter and beyond.

Stars to orbit!

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